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mercredi 20 mai 2020

Trump says US topping world virus cases is 'badge of honour'

Trump says US topping world virus cases is 'badge of honour'

Donald, Trump, Président, Etats Unis, Amérique

President Donald Trump has fought it's "an image of regard" that the US has the world's most raised number of avowed Covid-19 illnesses. 

"I take a gander at that as, during a specific respect, much an equivalent as a real thing since it suggests our testing is clearly better," he said at the White House. 

The US has 1.5 million coronavirus cases and just about 92,000 passings, unsurprising with Johns Hopkins University. 

In next in line is Russia, with very nearly 300,000 avowed cases. 

What did Trump say? 

On Monday, Mr Trump was encouraging his first department meeting since the US scene began. 

"By chance," he told writers, "you know once you express that we lead in cases, that is in light of the fact that we've more testing than some other individual." 

"So once we've gigantic measures of cases," he continued, "I don't take a gander at that as a horrible thing, I take a gander at that as, during a particular respect, much the same as something to be appreciative for in light of the fact that it suggests our testing is far unrivaled." 

Media captionThe lost a month and a half when the US didn't control the contamination 

He included: "So I consider it to be a picture of regard. Amazingly, it's an image of regard. 

"It's an excellent tribute to the testing and therefore the entirety of the work that immense measures of administrators have done." 

As demonstrated by the Centers for Disease Control, an association , the US had coordinated 12.6m coronavirus tests by Tuesday. 

Things the US has right - and got misguided 

Mr Trump was responding to an issue about whether he was considering a development preclusion on Latin America , Brazil especially . That country presently has the third most vital number of certified cases, following the US and Russia. 

The Democratic National Committee denounced the Republican president's comments, tweeting that the 1.5 million Covid-19 cases inside the US addressed "an all out frustration of power". 

Has the US driven the most tests? 

While the US has finished a more noteworthy number of tests by volume than some other country, it isn't first on the planet on a for each capita premise, as showed by Our World in Data, a consistent dispersion based at Oxford University . 

Its chart positions the US as sixteenth all around to the extent tests per 1,000 people, before South Korea , yet behind any similarity to Iceland, New Zealand, Russia and Canada. 

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Over the earlier week, the US has been coordinating some place in the scope of 300,000 and 400,000 tests step by step, dependable with the Covid Tracking Project, a volunteer-drove effort. 

Regardless, Harvard Global Health Institute official Ashish Jha seven days prior told a congressional hearing: "The US needs more than 900,000 tests every day to safely open up again. We are doing about 33% of that." 

The US has moreover itemized the most coronavirus passings on earth, anyway on a for each capita premise it positions sixth behind any similarity to Belgium, the United Kingdom and France, according to Johns Hopkins University. 

US coronavirus testing rates are denounced on each side of the way. 

At a Senate hearing seven days back, Mitt Romney, a Republican, denounced the country's difficult record, saying it had been "nothing to celebrate by any stretch of the imagination" since, he expressed, "we ventured water in February and March".

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